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Buying And Selling Businesses

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Complete support throughout the lengthy, complex legal process of selling or buying a business.

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The challenges of buying and selling

Whether you are buying your first business, establishing a new business, acquiring a second, third or fourth business, or selling your own business, you will need legal advice and support.

Much rides on the sale or purchase of a business. Get it wrong or miss a vital detail and the consequences can be disastrous.

You may be selling a company and its shares, all its assets, or just parts of a business.

Businesses are more than just tangible entities, so while you may be buying or selling a building (or lease) complete with equipment, you may be also buying or selling a brand, intellectual property, acquiring a team of employees and, hopefully, a book of clients. imac legal can undertake legal due diligence and draft clear agreements to crystallize the sale and reduce risks.

Get complete legal advice and support

There is much to consider when buying and selling a business and imac legal & compliance can assist you when it comes to understanding the legal requirements and implications of the sale. Contact us today to find out more.

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